"When life gives you scraps......Make Quilts"

Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Quilting Through The Season" by Sharon V. Rotz - "BOOK REVIEW"

I've had this book in my personal library for a couple of years and have always wanted to make some of the projects within it's pages.  I love the style of the book, the attractive cover and photos......and so, as we venture into another creative year, I thought that it would be fun to start featuring some of my favourite finds; thoughts on the book/projects, and share my findings with you.   This is a wonderful book that will help you "create home décor projects to reflect the changes outdoors while enjoying delicious recipes indoors".  That's right, in addition to the 12 projects in this book (suitable for all sewing levels), there are lots of photos to inspire, stories to warm your heart and lots of fun recipes...so perhaps I will get many, many hours of creative fun in my Studio as well as the kitchen.
The first project in this book is entitled JOY WALL QUILT...a beautiful wall hanging - 17 1/2 x 30".....I figured that it would be good to start with the first project and see how it goes....this project is regular piecing + applique so a really fun project...   I've made acrylic templates for the applique pieces,,,chose my fabrics...and now I'm already to start...

I followed Sharon's instructions and cut the background strips the sizes given however, I did make a couple of changes...when piecing the background, I felt that it was the perfect little project for quilt-as-you-go.  So, I chose my backing fabric, laid that out on my work table, then layered by batting; and then my first strips, (starting with the center of the wall hanging)...and sewed and quilted as I went....  For the 1" strips in the design, rather than fold in half as advised on Page 16, I simple sewed these as per the larger pieces.  

The pattern advised to applique the little panels before piecing the background; I opted to complete the background first.   When I hand applique, I like to anchor my stitches in the batting, I feel that it makes for a nicer appliqued top.   Now, on to the next steps...I'll keep you posted with my progress.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another beautiful day to be creative and have fun.   Just sitting here, enjoying my coffee, catching up on some internet things and thought I'd drop in and touch base with the blog world :-)

This has been a busy week....it's been a long time in the making but I've decided that a website/on-line shop is necessary and so we are busy working on that.  By this weekend, it may be possible that I can start uploading to a new website...I'll be sure to keep you all posted on that.  This is going to be a fun place to see what's new, event schedule, an on-line boutique for fun an fabulous things....books, fabrics, buttons, notions......just to make a few.

I have been busy working on new projects...and preparing the first newsletter for the big workshop coming up in September in Baie Verte, NL.  We are going to have a lot of fun.  

This week has also found me spending some time in the design work, working on some new projects for wool applique, I can't share these with you at that time - they are still nestled in my design pad...but, once they come to life in wools and fabrics, my on-line friends will be the first to see them.

I am really looking forward to introducing these new patterns in the near future. 

Just a reminder that I'll be placing my first order soon for the wonderful SEASONAL TOPPERS book.....this book doesn't come off the press til around July 26th....but I have been taking pre-orders so that we all get in on this first printing.  If you'd like to have your name added to that list, you can get your copy as well.  The book is only $14.94 and can be mailed to you once it comes in for the cost of actual postage.   Just drop me a line at billlockedesigns@hotmail.com if you are interested in a copy.

Well my friends, I think it's time I finish my coffee and get back to the quilting world.

I am thankful and blessed to be able to enjoy so much what I do every day.....and to be a part of this wonderful creative world.   



Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hi Everyone...
Over the last couple of years, one of the things that kind of went by the wayside was my blog....much to my dismay...  However, today, I have decided that I need to revive that - and so, here I am, with my first new post; apologizing for my absence, but welcoming you back to join me in my creative walk.
I will make every effort to meet you here - keep you posted on ideas, projects, make new announcements; my little place to share with you and you with me.
Of course, you can also follow me on Facebook.

Now, with that, let me share with you my first little post.   Some times, I'll be posting to share with you some new and wonderful notions that I've discovered and am enjoying using in my studio for assorted projects.  Today I want to share with you these wonderful TEXTURES buttons....just take a look at these ceramic beautiful.  They are stunning.  And guess what, these beautiful 12 designs/colors, with all of their sophistication, are now available though BILL LOCKE DESIGNS.  at just $2.25-$2.50/Card, they are sure to be a very inexpensive way to add color and beauty so new projects.....I am already planning new designs and projects for mine.  Very Exquisite.

I am spending an evening working on some projects, one of which is working on pattern orders.  I am also in the process of writing the new column for KEEPING YOU IN STITCHES...and will perhaps send a bit of time later this evening sketching a little more to some new fun designs.  Some new patterns are in the work for some fun wool applique projects; look for these over the coming months.

Quilty hugs everyong..enjoy the rest of your Sunday..and don't forget to come back and visit often..because, MY BLOG IS BACK!!! :-)