"When life gives you scraps......Make Quilts"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"WEINER DOGGIES"......The cutest thing......

Measuring about 16" long from nose to tail, 10" high, these little weiner doggies are just the cutest...with their button noses and eyes and faux-suede ears and tails, doggies also have a weighted pouch of plastic stuffing beads to give it a bit of extra weight....
You can adopt one of the above or have one made by special request....Price: $35.00 (local delivery) or shipping charges extra.


  1. Hi Bill, what sweet little doggies! Thank you for your lovely email, we had great fun that day. My studio has not been so tidy since then and at the moment I frustratingly cannot work out there as it is too cold. My husband is hoping for an early warm Spring as I have started to take over the house with all my clutter! Will pop in again soon, love Jane xxx

  2. How cute!

  3. Hi! Greetings from Finland! These are very fanny! I like them a lot!!!

  4. These are sweet, and I think you have created a good seller ... at a fair price. I use small pieces of fabric also, but my work is not traditional. You are welcome to stop by @ kbartdesigns.com.