"When life gives you scraps......Make Quilts"

Monday, August 29, 2011


Well, here I am - finally getting settled and able to get back to my blog...I apologize for being away for so long.....but I am now here..and hope to get back to doing some regular posting....

I am now in Springdale, Newfoundland......moved from Montreal last month and absolutely love to be closer to family - and especially to be able to visit with my grandma Annie, who is now 94...and doing well....

Well, one of the things that was important for me was to get the quilting/sewing studio set up - I haven't completed it yet but here are a couple of photos.....

I am also working on completing the class and workshop schedule for the Fall/Winter months..and hope to be able to share a copy of the schedule with you soon.

I'll do have a booth at the Trade show here on Sept 8-10....so very much looking forward to that..these next days will be spent getting ready for the show..so much to do....so I need to put in some long hours.....

Today I have been working with the printer getting patterns ordered for the upcoming show....now I think I will be creative for a little while :-)

Hugs to all!



  1. Bill, I miss you on the G'Web Quilt Forum so I'm glad I found your blog! Your studio looks great!